Nightclub Firework Tragedy

No, no, no, how many times have I told you not set off firework/pyrotechnic rockets inside a nightclub, people? Geez, now there are over 100 people dead and many more injured in Perm, Russia. The Lame Horse cafe was celebrating it’s 8th anniversary when a firework hit the cafe wall and exploded. Authorities say the accident happened because of a violation of pyrotechnics instructions and  “were meant to be launched in open space and forbidden for use in closed areas.” Police believe many died from carbon monoxide poisoning in the crush as people surged to the exits in a bid to escape.


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4 responses to “Nightclub Firework Tragedy

  1. Ann

    Geez I hope there was no swine flu in that rocket. I would have thought that even the Russians understand that rockets get fired outdoors. Too much Vodka!!

  2. Susi Spice

    it wasnt a nightclub it was a dooms day cult!

  3. An “indoor fireworks display”? what the hell is that?

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