Umaga Dies In Houston Hospital


Another WWE wrestler has died. Umaga (Eddie Fatu) was found by his wife in their home in Houston in front of the TV with blood coming out of his nose and no longer breathing . Despite being resuscitated and rushed to hospital he never gain consciousness. He had just returned from the Hulk Hogan tour down under in Australia. Earlier this year he had been booted from WWE after failing a drug test.

Psst Quick call the Undertaker!

UPDATE : It is believed the Samoan Bulldozer died from a heart attack but is yet to be confirmed.


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5 responses to “Umaga Dies In Houston Hospital

  1. Ann

    Oh sad was he a Kiwi or an islander? I don’t watch wrestling much only if I happen to channel surf on to it. Real tatts I suppose.I just had a good look at his face and he’s probably one of the few that look better with them.

  2. urdead2me

    RIP – Eddie Fatu, 36, nephew of the Wild Samoans & cousin of The Rock. In wrestling, he was the Samoan Bulldozer. Too bad he’s yet another pro wrestler who took too many steroids. He was so big it took 2 heart attacks to pin him!

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