You Used Which Toilet?

OK people, building a tunnel under a fake toilet from Mexico to the US border was a smart idea, because lets face it, that would be the last place white people would look. But unfortunately the drug cartel’s little plan backfire when it was only 50m from US territory. Oh shit, so close! Thirteen construction workers were busted during the raid by federal police. The 270m long tunnel was 20 m deep and had taken two years to construct. The toilet, which was located in a storage facility, had a hydraulic mechanism which allowed it to move. The tunnel itself was equipped with phone line, electricity and air conditioning. Geez, these drug cartel people think of everything.


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2 responses to “You Used Which Toilet?

  1. jammer5

    So, let me see if I got this straight: Guy swallows Mexican brown balloons, shits em out on the Mexican side of the border, then flushes em over to the US side of the border, where they’re now shit covered Mexican brown filled balloons. And people wonder why they call it dope.

  2. The illegal tunnel digging business is probably one of the busiest here in San Diego County …

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