No No Hamster

The Go Go Hamster maybe a No No hamster after consumer watchdogs discovered dangerous chemical levels in the fur and nose. Everyone panic , except for the parents who were luckless in finding one left on the shelf. Despite the alarm, the American firm is refusing to issue a recall insisting the Zhu Zhu pet is safe (psst the toy is made in China, need I say more). The poison in question is called antimony and is pretty much similar to arsenic.

Psst What’s the bet, if there is a recall, it will be after Christmas!


Filed under All That Is Wrong With The World, Friggin Scary, I'm Just Saying !, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never, Whoops!

10 responses to “No No Hamster

  1. CatGod

    I’m waiting for the GoGo Gerbil… batteries not included.

  2. Susi Spice

    ppfftt no recall! let the hampster reduce the surplus population!

  3. Really. A contaminated toy? Made in China? How very unexpected.

  4. Warped minds think alike Frigginloon, I was sure that Richard Geres name was going to be in this story.

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