Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting

Leave me alone, bitch!

Some Chinese man has signed a contract with his wife allowing her to beat him up only once a week. Hmm, evidently Mr Zhang married a kung fu loving woman who was quite willing and able to use her skills on him every time they argued. So, in order for him to keep his teeth and dignity intact, he proposed a contract (signed in font of the in-laws) which allows her to kick his butt only once a week. Failure to comply means instant exile to her parents place for three days because “She is very obedient to her parents, and her parents will support me and blame her,” In her defense, she says she always regrets seeing her hubby with a black eye. Hmm, I don’t know, if I was him I’d just taser the bitch!


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10 responses to “Everyone Was Kung Fu Fighting

  1. Susi Spice

    LOL oh loon i totally agree with you.

    I bet you that the man in the dark suit that was seen entering the Woods family home to talk with Tiger and his wife was doing the very same thing!

  2. A taser or maybe a nice pepper spray….mmmm pepper….might taste nice on his rice…..

  3. I am still convinced she could click. That was probably undercover and she didnt want me to learn it. Then what would she have to hang over my head.

  4. jammer5

    So he married Ziva?

  5. I think the panda has a cattle prod of some sort. Hmm … cattle prod, or Taser? I can’t decide which is the better weapon. Let’s try them both and see.

  6. Ann

    What’s wrong with this woos? Fight like a man lol

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