What the Bok!

PETA are now expanding their hoizons into public art. Yes, the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals have put in an application to the City of Louiville to have their 5 a half foot fiberglass chicken statue temporary erected on the corner of Fourth and Market streets. The chicken in question is on crutches, covered in blood and has a bandage on it’s  beak and belly. Oh and I forgot the best bit, on the base it reads “KFC Cripples Chickens.”. Oh that will be because Louisville  is home and headquarters to KFC. Seems PETA have a peeve with KFC allowing chickens to have their throats cut open while fully conscious and then being scalded alive. Hmm, sounds like the feathers will be flying if this gets approved!


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16 responses to “PETA vs KFC

  1. jammer5

    Last time I saw a chicken on crutches, he was selling pencils, and I bought a couple from him . . . well, okay . . . I stole em. A crip chicken on crutches had NO chance of catching me.

  2. So crippled chickens taste better than healthy ones? I need to date some crippled hotties to see if this is a universal truth.

  3. Ann

    Oh Loon that’s almosy graphic . I supposes if we had to carry out these killings we’d all eat grass except for jammers that is lol

  4. CatGod

    Yes, what are your questions? All chicken grinding and maiming questions answered here! 🙂

  5. Susi Spice

    mmmm KFC…… now i have a craving for some hot and spicy…

  6. Being only 100 miles, I hope they get it up. I am buying a bucket and sitting on that damn thing eating away.

  7. Susi Spice

    LOL yeah do it bearman!! take a pic and blog it!

  8. Sometimes PETA shoots themselves in the foot. A few years back they (or someone like them) were picketing nearby, which was how I discovered that we have a KFC right around the corner. If they hadn’t picketed, I never would noticed it there!

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