Squirrel Outs North Royalton

Ah shit!

One friggin squirrel and the all the friggin lights in North Royalton, Ohio go out. The little bugger had got into the circuit breaker at the substation and zap, 9,000 households without power! Geez, imagine if these little rodents wanted to become urban terrorists, you wouldn’t stand a chance. Anywho, utility workers discovered the charred remains of the suicide bomber squirrel but have yet to identify which rodent organization he belongs to.


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4 responses to “Squirrel Outs North Royalton

  1. It surprises me that it doesn’t happen more often. I always see birds and squirrels perched dangerously close to circuit breakers.

    And having nothing whatsoever to do with your post…The wind turbines(?) that are everywhere in Spain are gigantic bird guillotines. Seriously if you walk up to one, you see dozens of dead birds.

  2. hello frigginloon its dennis the vizsla dog hay wow i rote an ekspozay on this verry topik over a yeer ago!!! glad to see the msmsmsmsm is finaly ketching up to my investigaytiv reporting!!! ok bye

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