Don’t Feed The Friggin Vultures!

Decisons, decisions, shall I piss, poop or vomit?

Oh for the love of god, will you stop feeding the friggin vultures lady! Marie Ripley has been feeding the 60 or so scavengers ground beef and chicken breast since last year and the now the buggers won’t go away.  Neighbors are furious that the birds of prey are just hanging around and make themselves at home. Nothing worse than vulture shit on your cars, people! Hmm, well on your deck, roof and outdoor furniture ain’t particularly pleasing either! Ms Ripley, from Laurel in Maryland, said she only feeds them to stop them going through her trash. Geez, what sort of rotting carcasses do you have in your trash?
Anywho, I decided to research vulture poop so I could be truly  ill informed, and people guess what? That ain’t what you should be friggin worried about,  check out what Wiki had to say  “Vulture stomach acid is exceptionally corrosive and enables them to use their reeking, corrosive vomit as a defensive projectile when threatened. Vultures urinate straight down their legs; the uric acid kills bacteria accumulated from walking through carcasses, and also acts as evaporative cooling.” I’m sorry but I have to draw the line at cleaning up vulture vomit. Friggin ewh!

Psst Oh and if you were wondering why local authorities haven’t got involved,  wildlife regulations in the area only prohibit the feeding of bears. I suppose they should be thankful for that small mercy!


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12 responses to “Don’t Feed The Friggin Vultures!

  1. Susi Spice

    omg that’s nearly sorta like my mum!!!!!!!!!
    luckily its not vultures shes feeding.. mainly crows, magpies and pigeons.. the old neighbours complained LOL

  2. Ann

    The maggies are shitting on my car presently but Herman is coming from WA soon and we are going to chop the branches off that they sit on over our side.
    I don’t mind the birds but the poo is huge.

  3. CatGod

    Ah Vulture shit… What a fine subject to have my morning coffee with… :0

    Loon, you’ve inspired me… I’m going to research Catshit and Chickenshit… I’ve been wondering about these 2 items lately.

  4. Counter Culture Clown

    I feed my vultures dead children.

  5. You and Duncan are on the same wavelength this morning!

  6. Call Animal Control! Oh, wait …

  7. This reminds me of that lady on lake Placid who kept feeding the damn croc.

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