UFO Over Norway, Everybody Panic!

OK, Bearman hold onto your hat, UFO wormholes in Norway! They have video footage (so it must be real) of a spiraling blue light above the skies of Trondelag. Described as a “giant blue catherine wheel” it appears to anchor itself, at one stage, to the ground with a blue beam. Despite no experts or scientists coming forward to explain the strange phenomenon, Trekkies and the likes are claiming it’s those friggin aliens again entering the earth’s atmosphere through a wormhole! So I’ll be ! I wonder what they want? Ooh some are even linking this to that friggin Hadron Collider buzzing away under the earth in Geneva. Hmm, while others are taking a less hysterical approach by saying it  could be Russia missile testing or a laser bouncing off a cloud, I suspect that Kim Jong Il maybe up to something, he’s been too damn quiet of late.

Psst If you aliens are looking for Tiger, he ain’t there…yet!

UPDATE: And the winner is …. Russian rocket. The submarine-launched missile was from the Dmitry Donskoi submarine in the White Sea


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25 responses to “UFO Over Norway, Everybody Panic!

  1. Ann

    He’s still trying to grab the friggin moon lol

  2. Susi Spice

    I think this one is for the Jammer5 science blog to explain!! hehe

    oh dear I bet this guy knows what’s going on…we should ask him…

  3. Lynn

    whoa, rip told me about this just now. i had jsut had to comment on your statement about tiger. hilarious loon!

  4. Susi Spice

    oh Lynn any time honey any time haha

  5. Lynn

    umm…he’s nto onyour blogroll? who’s the chicken now loon? Bok!

    • He’s on my Loon Regular blogroll BOK, BOKKKKK!!!!

      • Lynn

        you need sleep loon, you are hallucinating. there is no catgod on your blogroll. i may not be any good at math but i do know my ABCs.

      • CatGod

        Damn it all. Now I’ll have to start actually working at this bloggin stuff… I”m on way to many blogrolls. I guess that is better than being on Eggrolls… badabink! or salad rolls. badaboom! or any f*cking rolls! bokk! bok! begokk!

  6. Lynn

    uh huh, now youre messin w/ me loon. you must have just put that there.

  7. Susi Spice

    i was just thinkign that i suspect loon doesnt sleep!!! lol

  8. Z System

    It’s a sign that global warming is real. LOL

  9. i’m still holding out for the kim jong il theory. he seems a little down lately =(

  10. Susi Spice

    man i love kim jong il in Team America…

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