Murder She Wrote

Oh my goodness, it appears we have a little trouble in a nursing home in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. A 98 year old woman has been accused of murdering her 100 year old roommate by placing a plastic bag over her head. Motive? Laura Lundquist had often complained that her roomie Elizabeth Barrow had way too many visitors.


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5 responses to “Murder She Wrote

  1. seigee

    Male visitors?? Parkinsons??
    The plot thickens……

  2. Susi Spice

    my sister is right… the more bitter you are the longer youll live…

    • Ann

      Please tell me no as my mother is still bitter after 33 years. My dad went off with an OLDER woman and life was never the ame for either. He wanted back and she wouldn’t have him.. When he was dieing he wanted to see her to apologise. She waited till he was in a coma then she went to see him.
      My mum is 83 years bitter. Lol

  3. Greg Hutchinson

    Ha, ha! But the victim was older still, and she was lucid. She read two books a week and might have wanted to hang around. Speaking of which, the actual m.o. was like an inept hanging. A successful hanging was performed in Washington State about 20 years ago. The “victim” was a showoff and rejected lethal injection in favor of the flashier method, which might, it transpires, have been a lucky choice because he died instantly (while apparently you don’t with the injection). But this old lady’s murder was by asphyxiation. She strangled, like the Salem “witches,” hanged in such a way that their necks didn’t break.

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