Where’s Your Christmas Spirit?

Not friggin Bing Crosby again!!!

Make it stop, make it stop. Despite inmates filing 6 lawsuits against a sheriff in Phoenix, he continues to pipe “Christmas music” all day, every day throughout the jail. Oh and don’t be thinking he is just playing Christian jingles, nope , he has a worldwide mix of festive season music. Falalalala lalalala. So far 4 of the suits from prisoners have been dismissed. Complaints range from “cruel and unusual punishment” to “forcing inmates to participate in religious celebrations”. Hmm, just be grateful he hasn’t got Mariah Carey’s Chrissie album on loop!


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7 responses to “Where’s Your Christmas Spirit?

  1. Wonder if he has what I call the ultimate Christmas Miracle in the form of William Hung’s “Hung for the Holiday’s”?

  2. Susi Spice

    loon got my bf reading your post hehe he liked this one haha.

  3. ann

    Loon I have that Mariah Carey album and I LOVE it lol . Well most of it. The ahhhhhooooooheeeek factor can get a little bit too much at times.

  4. jammer5

    I’m thinkin’ if they played my one and only album, “Reindeer loaf plays Reindeer loaf”, with the single, that’s only played in small backwood bars, entitled, “Could you love me if my Viagra prescription ran out”, over and over to the inmates, they would walk the straight and narrow in record (pun intended) time.

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