Stop This World I Want To Get Off

Holy exit strategy Batman. Astronomers have found a “super earth” 42 light years away in another solar system which appears to have heaps of water and maybe, just maybe, an atmosphere.  Hmm, it sounds like a great place for an Earth exit strategy if it wasn’t for  one little hitch.It’s as hot as friggin hell. Scientists  guesstimated the planet’s temperature ranges from between 280 and 120 degrees Celsius. Phew ee might need a shit load of that suncream. Despite it being impossible to sustain life as we know it , imagine if it did and we could leave Hannity and all the no believers down here to rot while we soak it up in a pristine world 2.7 times larger than here, half covered in water and not a carbon emissions to be seen. I am sure Google would let us firewire from there so we could keep on blogging!

Psst OK, I am getting on the Bearman and Jammers bandwagon!


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17 responses to “Stop This World I Want To Get Off

  1. It’s about time you jumped on our bandwagon. We have been without a banjo player for weeks.

    • So you’re in, I gather? Now all we have to do is get Jammers to work out how we get there!

      • I don’t want to go to another planet. I thought we were talking about you joining our honkey tonk band.

      • OK, so your out. I thought I was already in your honky tonk band. Geez, I don’t know if I will be able to make practice now, it’ll be a bit of a hike 😦

      • Susi Spice

        fine bearman dont come – just for that im going eat the frozen choc banana i have made for you! 😛

        come on bearman dont be such a party pooper!

      • Yeah, at least it won’t be boring. We could make fun of the earthlings! And imagine, a 24/7 jacuzzi 🙂

      • jammer5

        I can play the banjo. I used one in a tennis match one time, and it was musical perfection, although it never quite made it to the second set.

        As for getting to a planet we can’t exist on; instead of going there ourselves, we need to send Hannity, Limbaugh, et al there. I suggest a really slow space ship propelled by, say, an old 40 hp vw panhead. That should give em enough time (roughly 3.7 million years) to evolve into something resembling intelligent life.

  2. Susi Spice

    shot gun!!!!!!!!!!!

    im taking a shot gun… and if any of you mofo’s get outta line ull deal with me! 😛

    and im taking the comfy front seat too hehe

    • You can’t hear anyone scream in space …perfect…Susi Spice your in and don’t forget that gun! Shall I take a Mars Bar?

      • Susi Spice

        we shall all repopulate a new planet with only smart, witty, talented, really really good looking people like loon and I…

        No Osamas! No Bushes teehee (ex presidents that is and their offspring)… my dream of a utopia with me ruling it is near at hand… i mean our utopia.. our… utopia.. hmmm…

      • Sounding like a dictatorship there Susi Spice 🙂 But yes, no friggin snuggie blankets, three wolf moon t-shirts, fox news, Mariah Carey Christmas CDs, jihads, fatwas, pollywaffles (oh wait, they’re gone already), Miley Cyrus dolls that swear, dumbass 911 callers, Harry Potter sequels, shamwows, O’Reilly , Hannitys, Maccas, diet pepsi or all you can eat buffets where we’re going!

  3. Susi Spice

    i bough a shamwow… the name says it all its SHAM!!!!!!! SHAM!!!!!!!! SHAM I SAY!!!!!

    i was such a sucker! stupid marketing got me…and i should know better! that was part of my degree! HAHA hence why i do NOT working the marketing industry haha

    • The Celtic Queen

      Loon what about Pepsi Max surely that’s allowed? Susi be more specific about the shortfalls of ‘SHAMNOTWOW’

      • Susi Spice

        ummm it does not SHAM SUCK ANYTHING… it just some cloth that soaks up water as would a towel or tea towel… nothing WOW about it… it doesnt “dry” as it shows on TV… SHAMNOTWOW

  4. So, they finally found Rush Limbaugh’s home world …

  5. Counter Culture Clown

    I’m already there. It’s not so bad, it’s like the Middle East.

    …shit, now the American government is going to bomb us so they can jack our oil too… :\

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