Just A Flash in The Pan

You know my mom would have said serve yourself right! A New Zealand teenager, who was flashing her tits at passing cars and who was eventually hit by a distracted driver’s car, has been found guilty of disorderly behavior. Cherelle May Dudfield, who was intoxicated and egged on by her friends to flash her breasts, was hit by the car as she ran to the side of the road. Evidently it was quite spectacular as she rolled up onto the hood, cracked the windscreen, before making a crash landing. Lucky for her she escaped with only minor injures and a bruised ego. She was fined $198 and a now has a priceless story to tell her grandkids.


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14 responses to “Just A Flash in The Pan

  1. Cazzie

    gotta love that

  2. Susi Spice

    lol sounds like something loon would do or possible has done haha

    “get me come R&C!..woohooo” *flash boobies*

    ill be reading about loony and her booby flashing when she is old and in a nursing home… “a friggin loony nursing home resident was found drunk as a skunk on Canning Hwy flashing her breasts to motorists passing by…witnesses say they have never seen such breasts before”

  3. The Celtic Queen

    I was going to add by the time Loon is old will they still be boobies or will she be rolling them up? Sorry Loon but most old ladies’ boobies become long and pendulous by then. She can always swing them. Lol.

  4. I’m just happy not to be a teenager anymore, could have been me šŸ˜€

  5. I bet that guy is telling all his friends “Yeah, I hit it”…lol!

  6. Counter Culture Clown

    I can’t get past the flasher gif…

  7. S. Le

    It’s a wonder any teenagers live to become adults.

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