Iran Can Add Cyber Terrorists to Their Portfolio

No more showing your tweets!

Oh for goodness sakes who the hell are the friggin “Iranian Cyber Army”? Seems they are determined to wreak havoc on the internet with blatant disregard for social networking sites and the art of proper English. Is it because we turned our avatars green? The so far unknown group redirected Twitter traffic to a website that wasn’t particular US friendly. It read in part – “U.S.A. Think They Controlling And Managing Internet By Their Access, But They Don’t, We Control And Manage Internet By Our Power, So Do Not Try To Stimulation Iranian Peoples To…. NOW WHICH COUNTRY IN EMBARGO LIST? IRAN? USA?” . Hmm, how the hell do you stimulation Iranian peoples? I think I prefer not to know!

Psst That is definitely worth a defriending on Facebook.


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5 responses to “Iran Can Add Cyber Terrorists to Their Portfolio

  1. The Celtic Queen

    I’d make that globally if I were you Loon.
    I have no intention of simulation Iranian peoples. Actually sounds a bit like Tina my Chinese neighbour. The other day she was trimming a plant and she said it not getting very beautiful so she cut if back so now I wonder if it will ever getting very beautiful lol. Geez it rubs off.

  2. Allah only knows what they’ll do with all my subversive tweets!

  3. Damn good thing I don’t tweet. If I did, I’d be putting out tweets so destructive, reading them would cause eyeballs to explode and Iranians to stimulation themselves.

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