It’s Back!

Everyone stop looking, the Auschwitz sign has been found. Five people charged. I can guess where they are all going!


Filed under Friggin Awesome, I'm Just Saying !

8 responses to “It’s Back!

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Straight to Stalag 13

  2. 5 people? Must have been a heavy sign

  3. Do I hear a “poetic justice”?

  4. I had my boss in the frame for that one.

    He’s a real mug for those motivational signs, and I thought that this would have been too good a chance for him to miss.

  5. The Celtic Queen

    We have guests here from Poland presently and when I told them they were NOT AMUSED!!. Tomorrow I’ll tell them it’s all good, the sign’s back and they caught and shot five men responsible.. That’ll cheer them up no end.

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