Sorry, No Can Do

Geez, you know how I hate cold coffee!

Here’s  a story to warm the cockles of your heart. Eutisha Rennix, who was six months pregnant and a cashier at a Brooklyn bakery suddenly suffered shortness of breath and collapsed while serving. You would have thought it was her lucky day because there were two off duty emergency medical technicians having breakfast in the bakery. Well, in the perfect world you would have thought so. Instead of rushing to her aid, it is alleged when they were asked for help, Jason Green and Melissa Jackson, told staff to call it in because they were on their break. They then grabbed their bagels and coffee and left. Eutisha died at hospital and the baby who was delivered a short time later  also died. Geez, I hope this story isn’t true.


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30 responses to “Sorry, No Can Do

  1. Susi Spice

    couldnt possibly be true… really?

    if it had been someone in my family this happened to id be suing their pants off and ensuring they would charged with manslaughter AT LEAST!

    I really hope its not true…

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Get with the programme Loon .Ridge is married to Brooke . Katie (Susi lookalike) is her sister who is currently Bill Spencer’s squeeze but about to become CEO of FC. Now you’ve got the lowdown.

    • Susi Spice

      ooooooooooooooooooooo im about to be CEO of Jacqui M u mean? or FC?? really!?? damn i got home too late!!!

      • The Celtic Queen

        You and Bill did good today. He called in the bank and had them sign off on Bill taking over FC and he is making you CEO. You are now officially head of the company over your sisters Brook and Donna. How’s that for a days work.? Jacquie M are trying to deal with Stepahinie’s “I AM JACQUIE M and don’t forget what I’ve done for this company stuff”. She’s a pain. Anyway yesterday she had a stroke so she’s not doing too good presently. Maybe she’s ll be written out of it. I’ll get on the American website and take a look. Maybe tomorrow. Lol I hope you got a pay rise . I

      • jammer5

        It’s all over the internet: Suzi had an affair with Tiger, Ridge got pissed off and called the Celtic Queen for a private reading on a train running from East Brooklyn to South Bronks. Celtic Queen told him Tiger’s soon-to-be ex was available, and was claiming Forrester was the soon-to-be father of the kid she ain’t had yet, but Bill Spence said he’d pay for the whole thing. Ridge then got up, left the train, forgetting it was still running, and broke his collarbone. Celtic Queen got a $25.00 advance on the book she’s planning to write about the whole affair.

        What’s not to understand?

      • See Bearman, even Jammers gets it 🙂

      • jammer5

        Get’s what?

    • Geez Queen Ann, I thought you had to marry Ridge to get anywhere with the Forresters 🙂

      • What the hell are you all talking about?

      • Oh Bearman, you don’t want to know…psst they watch Bold and the Beautiful 😦

      • The Celtic Queen

        Oh bearman you need to watch “The Bold” Ridge and Brooke have been pashing each other daily for nigh on 20 years. It’s just too good to be true.
        I get a good laugh at their antics. They’ve also married each other about 4 times They, the Forrester family that is would have to be the most incestuous lot on TV lol

  3. Oh, yeah… there’s a little human compassion for you.

  4. Did their indeminity insurance cover them to act whilst on official break?

    • Anyone that acts in good faith is covered by law even if everything they do is wrong. If you have the choice of being treated by a NY EMT or a Boy Scout take the Scout, at least he has good intentions.

  5. You would think that with all the requirements necessary to become an EMT that “being human” would be one of them.

  6. hisqueen

    It all falls under their code of ethics. If my hubby walks past a person in need with no one else around he is obligated by his Dr. code to help them.(even if there are others, he must try to help unless other professionals are already there,then he mustn’t interfer) That is why we have mega insurance (both work and home). All medical professionals, no matter their station in life are sworn into their newly earned title under the ethics code.
    They deserve to be sued and go to jail for walking away. Even if it would have ended in tragedy, at least they did what they swore to do, help others in need.

    • Yes, we have it here too. Also if you have taken a first aid or CPR course you are obliged too.

    • The Celtic Queen

      Even if you don’t want to you must. I had to assist my mother in law after her heart attack and I had to administer CPR. I’d done the course and even though I wasn’t
      an expert by any means I did what I could to try to revive her. When the Ambos got there they pronounced her dead and said to me to “Just let her go now.”

  7. That sucks. I would’ve sprinted out of the bakery and dragged them back in.

    “Do your freakin’ jobs or I’ll drive that EMT truck up your asses. Who wants to go first?” Also would’ve eaten their bagels.

    In all seriousness, this is really a downer. Also hope this one isn’t true, but judging by how crappy we can be towards each other, I wouldn’t be surprised if it really happened.

  8. Susi Spice

    bbaahhahhaha im so going to Celtic Queen to get my B&B update.. my mum usually leaves out the intricate details haha

    • The Celtic Queen

      I so try not to miss it anytime you need an update Susi spice just let me know as it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Days Of Our Lives does nothing for me now and they are sort of the same type of show. Don’t know why that is. Maybe I’m all Hortoned out after all those years of them ruling the roost. lol.

  9. Susi Spice

    PS Tiger is NOT as good of a lover as they all say… and he is small…wink wink ..if you know what i mean…

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