Pope Is Pushed

Oh for goodness sakes people, don’t be knocking down the Pope, he’s friggin 82. Hips people, hips! Pope Benedict XVI was attending Christmas Eve Mass when some crazy lady (aka Susanna Maiolo) jumped the barriers, ran up to him then pushed him over. It didn’t take long for Pope Benedict to bounced back up and continue on his way to the main alter. Geez, I bet he’ll have some nasty bruises. Oh and the woman in her frenzy also shoved Cardinal Roger Etchegaray to the ground and he was taken to hospital. By the time the Pope started mass he had composed himself.


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6 responses to “Pope Is Pushed

  1. I saw this a couple of minutes ago on my Firefox Latest Headlines thingy, and I thought: frigginloon will post this. I can sense it. This video reeks of frigginlooness.

    It would have been awesome is the Pope had growled and shot the woman with a blast of lighting from his hands. You know, ’cause he kinda reminds me of Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars…

  2. What’s with all the suits? No Swiss guard running to the rescue in their swell outfits? The woman was probably pissed because the Pope decided to have midnight mass at ten o’clock.

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Oops that should be ‘thought’> I need to get another new key board as this one sticks too. I may even have to really lash out and buy a super duper one. The last two have been bad asses. Maybe it’s all the tea and crumbs I drop on it laughing at THE LOON.

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