Creepy Toy

OMG, who the hell came up with Love and Licks farting puppies? So wet you’ll need a restraining order!


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9 responses to “Creepy Toy

  1. jammer5

    Do they make a good stew?

  2. All I want to know is.. Where can I buy one!?

  3. There’s a market for everything, I guess…..geez…..

  4. What’s with the farting for goodness sakes? It must have been designed by cats!!!

  5. The Celtic Queen

    Geez don’t those toy makers think about all the other mess we need to clean up when kids are around? I think it would keep them amused for all of 5 minutes. I’m surprised the kids on the video were into such toys or are they and how much did they have to pay them to say nice things? Next they’ll make them lift their legs (the dogs not the kids) and pee on the furniture. Maybe even eat under the table then take a dump.

    • Well Queen Ann you maybe onto something, a toy that will put every child off ever wanting a dog. 5 minutes of having to clean up their messy pet and they never mutter so much as “I want a” when they pass a pet store 🙂

  6. I remember when Betsy Wetsy was all the rave back in the 50’s. (Yeah, you heard that right… I’m old!) Shove that little water-filled bottle into her mouth and out comes the pee down below. Cutting edge technology for the time. What those puppies are cutting is something else!

    • The Celtic Queen

      I don’t even like Tillie licking me. That wee tongue is never out of the fish pond, her own bum and rolling in Mapgie poo. She’s so feral.

  7. It did sound like they said squeeze his paw & he farts a little

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