Tsunami Money Unaccounted For

Hey psst, guess what? You know all that friggin money sent to Sri Lanka for Tsunami aid? Well the anti corruption watchdog has discovered nearly $537 million of it is unaccounted for AND $686 million has been spent on projects that have jack shit to do with the disaster.Ta da! Oh and of course the government is ducking for cover refusing to comment. Transparency International, who was behind the audit, said that the public had a right to know where the friggin money has gone. The Tsunami killed 31,000 Sri Lankans in 2004 and the country was given $2.5 billion for a relief fund.


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5 responses to “Tsunami Money Unaccounted For

  1. The irony is that this will cause waves of protest. When challenged, I bet the Sri Lankan Govt says’ who’s going to stop me, you and who’s tsunami!!

  2. Susi Spice

    i would start by looking at the bank accounts attached to all the government officials bank accounts and relatives overseas… i bet all these international sri lankan students suddenly could afford bmws and mercs!

  3. jammer5

    I’m bettin’ my ex had something to do with it. Suemommies were her specialty.

  4. Somebody’s havin’ a party.

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