Toilet Terror On Airlines

OK, when he comes out we will all jump him, agreed?

OK people, now that we know there are massive holes in America’s homeland security… hello, even Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab’s father had warned the US of his son’s fanatical ways…you don’t want to be upchucking in no toilet anytime soon. Some poor Nigerian passenger who was decidedly ill on a Delta Airlines flight caused a scare after he spent an hour in the toilet. Worried flight crew eventually extracted him from his safe haven  and that’s when became verbally abusive. OK, I can see the concern, because it was the same friggin route , airline and flight number as Abdulmutallab and he was Nigerian to boot. Come on people, you can never be too careful after the horse has bolted. Anywho, after being taken into custody and interviewed they were pretty much satisfied the guy was really sick.


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8 responses to “Toilet Terror On Airlines

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Or he was by the time they finished with him.

  2. Julie

    I think he was crapping himself.

    • Imagine having the shits and some airline steward drags you off the stainless steel loo. I’d be pissed too 😦

    • Julie

      No hell man, poor dude … there were even two Air Marshalls who identified themselves and went along to assist in the removal of the crapper from the loo ….. ALL eyes would’ve been on him! 😆 (Do they have air freshner in plane loos?)

  3. jammer5

    Ya know they dump the effluent out at 30,000 feet. Just sayin’.

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