Tree Man Wont Give Up

Barely anyone outside of Perth would have heard of Richard Pennicuik but he is the tree loving Thornlie local who for nearly three weeks has been perched high up in a gum , a tree the council are trying to chop down. Mr Pennicuik a 57 year old mineworker refuses to come down unless the council agrees not to chop down the native eucalyptus which they plan to replace with a jacaranda. His uncomfortable perch has been made all the more unbearable by hecklers, searing temperatures and sleep deprivation but he doesn’t care. Some well meaning supporters have even tried to share a limb with him but end up retreating due to boredom. It all started when the council decided to chop down 22 Eucalypts which line the street because of falling branches. It’s the vibe!

Psst If you want to help save this precious gum tree please visit Tree Man on Facebook


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21 responses to “Tree Man Wont Give Up

  1. Go tree man!!…let’s see the suits at the shire council sort that one out…swine of a place to sleep though…oink oink

    • The Celtic Queen

      Gumtrees in the burbs are a menace. our council have just planted heaps. Messy leave dropping house wrecking things they are. Magnificent in the bush but not at home in the front yard. In have one outside which I ‘m getting chopped as well. Gutters are full of leaves. Magpies shitting all over my car. I’m with the council here chop it down.
      I check out the Pennucuik name and it says it’s a Scottish name. Never heard of it . There was a a poet Alexander Pennecuik. I thought it may have have been Ukranian but no!

  2. Susi Spice

    he will come down when his wife/partner/friend tells him that his welfare benefit has been or will be cut off unless he hands in his unemployment form… its only a matter of time…

  3. Blahahah you people, I went and visited him today. The guy is a legend. Perched up there with damn conviction. He sends a cheerio to all the Loons….video coming soon 🙂

  4. jammer5

    Eucalyptus trees are a danger to mankind. We had some growing in our back yard in Venice, CA, and one grew into a high voltage wire, starting a fire that took a week to put out because of the oil. How it genetically evolved into a high voltage wire is still a mystery.

  5. I’m with Jammer, eucalyptus trees are evil. They burn like pitch-soaked torches and drop huge branches on passing vehicles and pedestrians.

  6. Just get Colonel Miles Quaritch.
    He’ll bring that tree down in a jiffy.

  7. Julie

    Hey! I like eucalyptus oil …. keeps the friggin mozzies where they belong! …. Faaaar away from me!

    • lol I hate mosquitoes. Knowing that I’m basically getting a shot of God knows what, every time one of those little bastards pierces my skin, scares the sh*t out of me. Good thing I’ve never seen a mosquito like this one. Ugh.

  8. bill watson

    he is on disabilty pension because the koala said to centerlink is unfit to work. I happen to know that this clown has not worked in over twenty years

    • The Celtic Queen

      Loon I think it’s more like three months than three weeks. Probably has nxt Thursdaothing better to do with himself.
      Well Loon he’s gonna pretty pissed at me as I’m having the neighborus gum hacked in half next week. I’ve been in this new place a year and my gutters are full of shit from his tree. He ignored my letter so ney the guy is coming to chop anything on my side and we can chuck it on his side under the nuisance act. Magpie shit, branches falling on my car, leaves, gum nuts, flowers and bark. I’m sick of it and it’s only been a year.
      Mayne he’d like to come and sit in this one too lol.

  9. The Celtic Queen

    Please give him that message next time you visit him lol. God he must have a sore arse by now surely.

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