No Word On the Missionary’s Position

And here I was thinking the year was going to end with no new Kim Jong Il tale . But was I wrong. An American missionary from Tucson went missing on Christmas day and is feared in North Korea. Hmm, missionaries have no good reason to be hopping over that border (even if it is to have a sip of Pyongy beer). Parents of Robert Park are seriously concerned about their son’s welfare after he failed to contact them after Christmas. Pyong Park, his father, fears he may have illegally crossed the frozen Tumen River into Kim Jong Il’s communist country.Oh well Bill Clinton better pack his golf clubs, there may be some more negotiating on the horizon.


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6 responses to “No Word On the Missionary’s Position

  1. Maybe Bill can take his wife this time.

  2. Oh boy. There are so many other places in the world a missionary can go to do their missionary-ish things. You just don’t venture into North Korea, unless you’re insane.

  3. griffin

    I don’t think this missionary is on top of things at this point.

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