Charities Need To Be Accountable

Geez, and in coins too !

Anyone who has donated to the National Cancer Research Foundation in Adelaide will be pleased to know that less than 1% actually went to a charity. Most of your money raised has been swallowed up by commissions, management fees, travelling expenses and drivers. One of the directors blames it on start up costs. The company made $197,160 in the first year and donated $935  and in the following year $387,864 with $4,900 donated. Hmm, the Office of the Liquor and Gambling Commissioner who monitors charities, said they are hoping to introduce a new policy making it compulsory for all charities to publish their financial details to make them more transparent and accountable. That would be nice!


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5 responses to “Charities Need To Be Accountable

  1. jammer5

    I friggin hate those charities whose only purpose is to get a friggin paycheck for themfrigginselves. They all oughta be put in prison with Bubba-the snake.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    That’s it, no more giving to charities. I’ll just hand it out to vagrants and drunks. Those are shocking stats. WTF?? Go to jail, directly to jail.

  3. Lynn

    geez loon, i wish more people knew exactly how much of their donated money goes to executive/ administrative fees and salaries. it’s an astronomical amount! non-profit my ass! people please think twice before you donate to a large conprofit corp! the heads of these so called nonprofits make tons of dough and even more in annual bonuses. personally i like to donate locally and see exactly who gets my money. here are the biggest violators according to the FTC as reported by

    American Veterans Relief Foundation (AVRF), Coalition of Police and Sheriffs (COPS) and Disabled Firefighters Fund (DFF), which all operate out of the same address in Santa Ana, California, are alleged by the FTC to be shams. Only 5.4% of the $19 million that these groups raised from 2005 to 2008 was spent on charitable activities.

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