Happy Friggin New Year

Happy Friggin New Year, loons. Thanks for all the support this year. Here’s hoping 2010 brings bigger and better dumbasses to giggle at.


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21 responses to “Happy Friggin New Year


    (well in 12 hours time, or more, maybe…)

  2. Hang on a mo – what do ya mean ‘Happy New Year’ ?

    According to my calculations, it’s not long gone friggin 8pm where you are. You’ve got another friggin 4 hours to go, lass

    Jeez, trust you to start ‘celebrating’ early 🙄

    Seriously though, it’s been great fun ‘meeting’ you, loon, and swapping banter. 😆

    Best wishes to you and yours for 2010.

    Best wishes too to all the regular contributors that help make this one of the most entertaining blogs on the internet.

    ‘Lang may yur lum reek!!!’

  3. Still a little over 15 hours to go here in Puerto Rico. Happy New Year Loon and to everyone else reading this. 🙂

  4. I thought New Years was just an American holiday..haha

    Happy New Year. Thanks for the support.

  5. Lynn

    Happy New Year friggin loons! speaking of bigger dumbasses, where’s frank?

  6. It doesn’t seem like people are getting any smarter (unlike dogs), so I’m sure there will be plenty more dumbasses in 2010!

    • The Celtic Queen

      My poor Tillie was about demented with all the crackers going off and some were huge bangs. Poor thing, they hurt our ears so think of hers. That’s what I hate about fireworks.
      Apart from that I hope you all have a great time with family and friends and stay safe during that celebratory period.

      Happy New Year guys

      Cheers from Oz

  7. Happy New Year to you too!! I hope this is an amazing year for us all!!

  8. Cheers to all you loons.

  9. Have a very Happy New Year!!!

  10. Happy New Year Frigginloon!

  11. Here’s to me
    and here’s to you

    If ever we part ways
    F*^CK YOU!

  12. Cazzie

    Happy new year to you also 🙂

  13. The Celtic Queen

    I got an email the other day wishing me all the best and it’s was from a good friend who said that she will cry with me when I’m sad and laugh with me when I’m happy. If I throw myself off a bridge she will miss my emails lol

  14. The greatest news of all is that there will always dumbasses to provide us with endless, mindless entertainment.
    Thanks for all the shits & giggles in 2009!

  15. Julie

    I haven’t left my mark here yet 😀


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