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Epic Footbridge Fail

The boss in Istanbul ain’t going to be happy nor the pedestrian who was on the footbridge at the time. Awkward.


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Don’t Eat Chili and Drive

OMG, Eric Gremm, a lumber truck driver, claims the reason he accidentally drove his truck into a Massachusetts home was because…wait for it…he choked on chili from Wendy’s and was knocked unconscious. Geez mister, are you suppose to eat while  driving? Mr Gremm said he began choking after he drove over a bump and the chili got caught in his throat . Brilliant.


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It’s Just Not Fare

You know what I hate? When you are in a taxi, it goes through a red light, flips upside down and then, while you are thinking WTF,  some bastard steals your money. I really hate that! A driver and two passengers of a yellow cab in Albany were upside down in the car when some “Samaritan challenged ” person reached in and stole money from a cup and then went on their merry way without so much as  a “are you OK? “. The occupants were all later taken to hospital.


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Friggin Shoe Thief

Lordie, lordie, lordie, a man in Delaware has been arrested for stealing shoes. OK, not just a few shoes, several thousands of the suckers. Walter Rubincon of Newark mainly targeted student housing during vacation times. His downfall came when he was spotted driving away in his yellow Mitsubishi Eclipse after dumping three bags of them in a creek. When police came a knocking they were shocked to discover friggin three truckloads worth of shoes and other stolen bits and pieces. But on the bright side they all seem to be in pairs.


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Less Time For Doing The Downward Dog

Indian jails are offering murderers, rapists and thieves a way to reduce their jail sentences. Just take up yoga. Yes, for every 1-3 month program completed they will get 15 days off their sentence.Yoga instructor Swami Ramdev says “Allowing prisoners to practice yoga is one way to help them deal with their emotions.” Hmm yes, but how about their anti-social behavior? Downward dog my ass!


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Hello UFO Hunters, Get Your Stories Straight

OK, no need for alarm, but can anyone explain these strange lights evidently filmed over Dublin’s River Liffey? Hmm, looks suspiciously identical to footage filmed at Freemont California in 2008. Me thinks someone is having a lend.

Psst Don’t radioactive geese fly in a V formation?




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Stop Vegetable Abuse

Friggin dill pickle!

Well I’ll be, seems some Texans have got themselves in a pickle over a cucumber billboard. What appears to be an innocent billboard ad was actually put up by Condoms to Go and Sara’s Secret who both sell adult sex toys and the like.The whole “stop vegetable abuse” is aimed at tying to get people to use alternative devices besides vegetables and fruit.
Wanna see their TV commercial?


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The Man Who Fell to Earth

WTF. Rip Torn, remember him? Well it seems he’s a bank robber now. Say it ain’t so Rip? It is alleged on Friday night a very pissed Rip (78) broke into the Litchfield Bancorp building in Salisbury, armed with a loaded revolver. When police arrived  there he was in all his glory off his rocker. I guess we won’t be seeing him again on our screens anytime soon. RIP in peace.

Psst Geez, if Rip Torn can break into a bank anyone can!


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Geezer Bandit Returns

It's a sight more better than the pension!

Remember the “geezer” bandit? Well he’s baaack. Yes, the frail old dude walked in, handed a note to the teller and whipped out his pistol at the San Diego National bank. FBI are convinced it’s the same old man who robbed five other banks n La Jolla, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego and Santee. Damn he’s good at this!


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Jesus Appears On A Coconut

The things you find in Paradise

Another Jesus sighting people, this time on a coconut in the produce section of a local grocery story in Paradise, Sacramento. Mike Zachweija said he went shopping for bananas a few days before Christmas but became distracted by a bunch of coconuts. On one of the nuts he clearly saw a silhouette of a face. He decided to buy the coconut and on Christmas day with the light falling on the face realized it was that of Jesus. Mr Zachweija said “Jesus sent out his own Christmas card greeting by way of a simple coconut.”


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