Justice Chinese Style

Take note Nanny Staters, no friggin messing around in China. You see thieves on a scooter purse snatching, you throw your friggin bike at them. It’s that simple. Take note however, the do gooder runs liked a scared friggin chicken the moment he realizes the angry robbers are AOK and are about to attack him. Run chicken, run…bok,bok,bok. Fortunately, security guards manage to pick up the pieces and grab the thieves, so the not so brave do gooder could retrieve his now wonky wheeled bike. Bike hurler 1, slow ducking bag snatchers 0.


Filed under Friggin Awesome, Friggin Hilarious, Sore Loser, Thanks For Nothing, Well I Never

8 responses to “Justice Chinese Style

  1. Excellent sound track and great aim by the pedal cyclist!

    How did he know they were baddies?

  2. Kung pow chicken, with curry.

  3. Mad bike throwing skills, there…

  4. This was AWE-SOME. Sure, watching Bicycle Man going Jet Lee on those 2 thugs would’ve been better, but oh well.

  5. Lynn

    wow! he was amazingly accurate in his launch. major league baseball needs to take a closer look at that guy.

  6. Geez…he’s a friggin cyclepath!! Forkin’ awesome aim!!

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