Gun Tragedy

You know what I hate? When a three year old gets hold of his daddy’s gun and accidentally shoots his three year old cousin dead. I really friggin hate that. Ooh, did I happen to mention the kid’s father is a police officer. The incident happened when the off duty officer went to retrieve something from his car. His son picked up the gun from the driver’s side door and pulled the trigger, killing the little girl instantly.Tragic.

Psst Aren’t they suppose to be on lock?


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8 responses to “Gun Tragedy

  1. The Celtic Queen

    Loon there are kids and there are KIDS. These days they are too friggin smart for their own good and probably managed to undo the lock. One of my Austrian friend’s grandkids is a little shite !! We were there the other night and he asked us when we were leaving. We told him we weren’t.. He’s 5 1/2. and he told us if we didn’t leave he’d call the cops. We told him he’d be going before us and he got worse. It was all about taking the attention away from him by visiting and he didn’t like it .If he was mine I’d wallop him but good but his mother in all her wisdom says, ” we don’t smack our kids”.. Kid 1 stupid parents 0. I want to see him in another 3 years telling his mother off. She says she’s sick of people complaining about his behaviour. I wonder what part of “he’s a little shithead” doesn’t she understand?. I’m glad we have no overachieving snowflakes gracing our home.

  2. I imagine the cops freaking out over the whole thing. Way too sad. I also expect the cop will be losing his job, and maybe get indicted on manslaughter for not locking his gun. Just too sad.

  3. Man, there are so many locks available for guns. Some of them can be picked, but not by a 3 year old. Sad indeed.

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