Big Eyed Deer

No way I am doing her dirty work, sheez!

You know, if all you have handy is a vacuum cleaner and a garbage can to fight off a deer…you just go for it girl. An Iowa woman had to think quick when a frightened deer, who had just dodged a shit load of traffic, jumped through the window of her apartment and began destroying the inside of her home. Thank god she had the good sense to fight off traumatized Bambi with some household appliances. Shamwow! Eventually someone opened a door and the deer took off, traumatized by the thought of having to clean up its own mess, no doubt!

Psst Just turning on the vacuum cleaner would have been suffice, if my cat is anything to go by.


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13 responses to “Big Eyed Deer

  1. The Celtic Queen

    That cat story brings back memories. A friend asked to to mind her cat for a few days and it wouldn’t move off the friggin couch. I got the pole from the vacuum and it attacked it so I switched it on and the cat went APE so to speak. Litter tray here I come. Big fat lazy cat wouldn’t move it’s touche!
    When she asked how everything went I just said it went really well, ( the vacuum that was.)

  2. Somewhere is a vid of some red neck moron, after dousing himself with deer scent, had a deer literally kick the shitte out of him. Deer 1 moron 0.

  3. We had venison last evening; nothing like the kick of that one though!

  4. Damn… I hate it when they come in, mess up the house and then just run off like that. Especially when they leave no venison for dinner!

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