Terrorist Vs The Cartoonist Update

Hello, mommy says I shouldn't talk to strangers!

Okie Dokie, a little update on the cartoonist vs the assassin. Seems like Kurt Westergaard didn’t take his 5 year old granddaughter into the panic room (as first thought) when the axe wielding fanatic broke into his house. It is being reported he left her in the living room and locked himself in his special room all by himself while the mad man swore and carried on like a pork chop, attacking the bathroom door with an axe. Mr Westergaard said ” I feared for my grandchild. But she did great. I knew that he wouldn’t do anything to her.” He went on to say “It was close, really close. But we did it.” Geez gramps, I wouldn’t be so proud! Anywho, the Islamic Somali fanatic who can’t be named (Why the hell not?) is the same dude who was involved in an assassination plot against Hillary Clinton last year.

Psst I bet cartoonist is off babysitting duties until further notice!


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11 responses to “Terrorist Vs The Cartoonist Update

  1. that pic creeps me out a bit… okay, a lot!

  2. Seems Kurt is as selfless as that Jorge Garcia fellow.

  3. I think I’ll teach the grandkids how to shoot.
    Their momma was still in gradeschool when I taught her to shoot.
    The ‘new west’ is much more violent than the old version.
    In the cowboy era here in Kansas, there was 1 or 2 killings a year in towns like Dodge City, Abilene, Wichita.
    Now that happens the first week of the year.

  4. Moron. First thing I would protect would be my kids

  5. I think he learned how to do that from the guy that got tasered in your other article.

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