Sneaky Hair Snipper Caught


Jared Weston Walter you didn’t did you? Hmm, seems the Portland man is behind the snipping off of a fellow bus passenger’s hair on New Year’s Eve. Mr Walter was sitting behind the woman when he decided to take to her hair with scissors. He  is also a suspect in the cutting and gluing (dear god man) of several other women’s hair in recent weeks. Nasty. You know I would like to give the dude the benefit of the doubt but he already has an outstanding warrant for gluing another person’s hair.


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4 responses to “Sneaky Hair Snipper Caught

  1. jammer5

    That’s what you get from watching the Charlie’s Angels movies once too often.

  2. The latest in hair extensions… while you wait… on the bus!
    (We just had one of our Pre-K kids do that last week… cut her own hair and tried to use it for hair extensions on another kid. Thank the goddess mom had a sense of humor.)

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