What About PETA?

Calling Harry Connick, Harry Connick to the front desk please. Hmm, the Aussies have been branded racist once more by the Americans, thanks to a 20 second KFC commercial. Seems handing out a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken to West Indian cricket fans to shut them up is deemed racist. A tad precious me thinks.


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9 responses to “What About PETA?

  1. Susi Spice

    do we need to keep going on and on about this………

    it was not an american ad… African Americans dont even know what cricket is… the west idies are not even complaining and the ad was about them because they know it was not meant in a racist way…

    oh by the way i am having some grape soda.. oh no I am probably going to be outted as been racist to african americasn because i am drinking grape soda watching oprah!

  2. I can see where someone who is way too sensitive could see it that way, but the world is becoming way too PC. I mean, a bucket of KFC would shut me up. I’m Italian and I love pasta and Cannolis too, is that so wrong?

    • Susi Spice

      i bet you have a gold chain too 😛 hehe

      scotty its ok… i know its not by choice its just so you know where to stop shaving.. hehe

      just teasing!

      • The Celtic Queen

        I thought was why the Greeks wear them Susi. I think they are way hairier. The look like they have spiders crawling out their shirts

      • haha, no my one chain is silver. And surprisingly only my legs are hairy. I can’t even grow a real beard and I’m 36. It may help that I’m half Irish though….

    • Lynn

      *drool* ..cannolis…ste…seppole..struffoli..*drool*

  3. jammer5

    Sheesh, make me embarrassed to be an American at times. Friggin idiots.

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