A Pig To Seal The Deal

Hey, I had nothing t do with it!

What the? A New Zealand teenage girl was forced to marry her boyfriend’s father AND consummate the marriage after her parents were given a pig as dowry (shouldn’t that be a sheep?). Her mother and stepdad have been charged. The 17 year old of Togan descent had no intentions whatsoever of marrying the man but her parents negotiated the deal. On her wedding night she ran off to be consoled by her new hubby’s son (her boyfriend) but was dragged back to perform her duties. Oh my.


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11 responses to “A Pig To Seal The Deal

  1. The Celtic Queen

    One word, ‘Kiwi’

  2. Whats the problem with a pig for a dowry?…a good deal I reckon…oink

  3. The problem is Loon…if I get me a sow……some smart arse will try to make a silk purse out of her ear…I hate that..oink

  4. The Celtic Queen

    In Polish that would be one serve of . zimne nogi (Spelling incorrect but pronounced like in zza zza as in Gabor)

  5. There are a few more pigs here than the one involved in the dowry.

  6. Awesome collection and a cool style to pass on some meaning to scoeity……good job dude!!!

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    Keep posting man!! I have bookmarked you

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