Shawwank Redemption

You understand don't you?

Oh for crying out loud Penthouse, why don’t you deliver to prisons? A Florida prisoner is so friggin angry he is suing the mag because they refuse to send him his subscription to the big house. Jorge Niebla wrote in his 2 page, handwritten block letter suit that the Penthouse staff were being prejudiced and didn’t respect his basic rights. Hmm, Niebla is serving 13 years for kidnapping and armed robbery, which sounds to me like a whole lot of basic rights violations as well.


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6 responses to “Shawwank Redemption

  1. It’s his soap and his weenie, he can wash it as often and as fast as he wants to!
    Now if he just had something to read while he washes up….

  2. Susi Spice

    here is a message from me to the florida prisoner..

  3. “Dear Penthouse, I never thought I would be writing a letter like this …”

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