Honey, Can You Come Here For A Minute

Whoops, call it shock but Michiko Sato (23) is in big trouble after she drove home with the body of an 80 year old pedestrian stuck in her car windscreen. It is believed Sato hit the woman (killing her) while out driving in the early hours of the morning but friggin freaked when she realized the elderly woman was wedged in the windscreen so just drove home . It was her boyfriend who finally called police after presumably thinking WTF. She now faces 17 years in jail.


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12 responses to “Honey, Can You Come Here For A Minute

  1. The Celtic Queen

    In Oz she would get about 4 max. See we actually need deterrents like that. It stops you going out early in the morning and killing people. Even if they wedge themselves in your windscreen you just DON’T DRIVE HOME> WTF was she thinking?

  2. Happened here in the states. Some fleahead hit some homeless dude, drove home, parked in the garage, the guy died there, then she and her boyfriend tried to dump the body. Friggin geniuses.

  3. Susi Spice

    maybe she thought it was just a really really big bug…. sake will do that to ya

  4. Julie

    Maybe she hit her in a really dangerous part of town?

    I mean they’re always telling us “You don’t stop your car for anyone!!”

  5. Beyond belief.. what a story. And, no one, who must have seen her driving home, thought to call the cops or try and stop her? Wow!

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