Isn’t It Ironic?

My bad?

OMG, one of life’s little ironies. A man who fought the Canadian courts to keep his pet tiger has been found dead. Hmm, seems his 300kg cat wasn’t too appreciative after all and mauled Norman Buwalda to death. A family member is believed to have found the body in the tiger’s pen. The Southwold township had been trying to stop Mr Buwalda keeping lions and tigers on his property after a 10 year old boy was attacked in 2004. Tiger 1 2 , Owner 0


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8 responses to “Isn’t It Ironic?

  1. Looks like Tony wanted a bit more than sweets.

  2. oh lord
    poor guy…i dunno why pple keep monkeys, tigers and those huge animals as pets

    so crazy–they will get u.

  3. Apparently he used to let the tiger sun itself on his driveway. Much to the chagrin on the neighbours.

    Just once I’d like to see a family of exotic animals keep a human as a pet. Not because I’m an animal lover – but just because I think it would be interesting.

  4. The Celtic Queen

    He was just too trusting don’t ya think?
    On a serious note this should be taken a lot further so that in future it’s not allowed. What were the powers that be thinking.? He was putting very one at risk. I’m surprised Sekan didn’t just get out a rifle and as loon says ” KABOOM ”
    These animals are not really pets. I don’t know whether any of you saw on TV the guy who was into ‘Big Bears’. He along with his girlfriend were found eaten. Only their rib cages were left. TOO TRUSTING !

    • I watched the doco…they had the attack on video šŸ˜¦ Dumbass

      • The Celtic Queen

        Yeah I didn’t watch that bit but I heard all the drama going on . My son watched it and was in shock. Some things best not to look at as I see them when I sleep. We have to respect that they aren’t tame. The wild animal always outs itself in the end . I don’t even trust Tillie even if she is the cutest wee thing but I know if she was a big dog I couldn’t keep her as she’s a pest and when anyone comes she’s in her doggie crate. She is great with us and a never ending source of amusement, but if I ever have grandchildren that would be a different story. We love her but she is a dog not a human.
        We have a 4 year old visitor who comes with mum and dad for dinner each week and she also goes in her crate till he goes. I would never take any chances with anyone else’s child either. You have to do the right thing..

  5. Julie

    If you want to dice with death … I’m afraid in the end you will lose!

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