Bad Parenting 101

Well, the NRA will be well pleased. A Phoenix woman tried to swap her two year old daughter for a gun. Tanya Nareau told the man he would probably do a better job of raising the girl than she would and besides she was prohibited by law from owning a gun so it was  pretty much a win/win deal. Oh well that’s a unlawful sale of a child charge, which probably means she will be prohibited from owning a kid too now!

Psst Geez, I hope it was a really nice firearm at least!


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19 responses to “Bad Parenting 101

  1. Julie

    Sheesh, when MudBaby was two, there was a stage where I was prepared to GIVE him away, complete with 50 bucks and a suitcase full of clothes!

    I wouldn’t have got into trouble … I wasn’t selling anything, I was being charitable! 😉

  2. The Celtic Queen

    That was also non refundable right Julie?
    They could give him, the money or the clothes back.

    • Julie

      😆 At that stage, I would have accepted returns on the money or the clothes!

      • The Celtic Queen

        We think alike. I’m trying to give my girlfriend’s 1st born grandson away. He’s 6 and supposed to be gifted. I’m yet to establish in what area but if I knew I’d share. His mother is a physio and so is his dad and ‘we’ don’t smack the children is all you hear.. I’d KILL this one. This kid was yelling that he hates his dad so mums says.calmly ” darling, we all know that you hate your dad but do you have to scream it so loudly”??????? WTF How about her saying “DON’T FRIGGIN SPEAK ABOUT YOUR FATHER LIKE THAT YOU CRAZY SON OF A BITCH., . OH SORRY THAT’S ME …..SMACK!!!!

      • Julie

        Don’t think I would’ve got past the “DON’T FRIGGIN SPEAK …. ” part before I dished out a teensy little paddywack!

      • Clip behind the ear when mommy or daddy aren’t looking works a treat I found 🙂

  3. Susi Spice

    ahhh what a lovely mother… brings a tear to the eye

  4. The Celtic Queen

    Your a naughty Loon lol I can see you doing that too. But the gifted one dobs lol

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