Someone Got Her Goat

Ain't Tiger glad he wasn't a gardener?

OMG, never ever get caught cheating behind Joyce Mukamurigo’s back or she’ll up and kill you with a garden hoe while you sleep. Yes, the Rwandan woman was so pissed that her hubby sold the family goat to buy his mistress some clothes she whacked him with a hoe (ironically appropriate). The mother of five said it only took one big blow to the noggin to kill him. Hmm, less mess.


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14 responses to “Someone Got Her Goat

  1. What’s a friggin “garden hoe” blahahahahaaha a Nymph o maniac?

    • The Celtic Queen

      Yep there are hoes everywhere, even in the garden Loon . Actually it’s a tool for howking weeds. (Scottish slang word thrown in there)

  2. Julie

    That’ll teach him to sell the Sunday roast!

  3. The Celtic Queen

    They sell Halal goat at the market but it looks like it’s all bone. Maybe that’s the goat’s bones for making soup stock. I bought Halal Scotch fillet as I looked quite appealing but, by Allah was it tough!!! Not blessed enough! and we were cursing it. Bloody muslims lol Probably that was the real goat meat

  4. Gives new meaning to “hoe down” …

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