Epic Fat Guy Jumps In Frozen Lake Fail

OK, due to popular demand here it is, in all it’s glory, fat guy jumping into frozen lake the collectors edition…..

Psst I bet his wiener didn’t come out to play for weeks.


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7 responses to “Epic Fat Guy Jumps In Frozen Lake Fail

  1. Hilarious. This could have ended up really bad. Huge bloody cuts and gashes, or even worse, death. Here’s hoping he ends up on that 99% list Jammers5 mentioned a couple of posts back.

    • It’s my understanding he was castrated by ice shards, but didn’t notice it for three days due to frozen crotch syndrome. So I don’t think we need to worry about him procreating.

  2. catladylarew

    Oh, yeah… that was brilliant. I wonder what he thought was going to happen.

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Being so fat he old have had a heart attack with the sudden temp drop. Silly boy

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