Epic Religious Fail

Oh crap, guess who’s going to hell?

Psst The old dude in the blue suit . Bummer !


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14 responses to “Epic Religious Fail

  1. Susi Spice

    baahahhhaa lol too funny its ok they are catholic this “precious, holy and religious relic” will be remade in the mass production of saint statue mills in some sweatshop in asia … its all good. they get em for $1 per statue…phew!

    • The Celtic Queen

      Geez aren’t there any younger men in the congregation? Ah well something to tell the grandkids about later on. Lol
      I bet Jesus laughed ..not wept! It does look kind of funny.

  2. Clearly the old man was pushed or tripped. Undoubtedly by some nasty young upstart.

    @ susie – “the mass production of saint statue mills?” I’m a good man but a saint? I don’t think so.

  3. Now that’s why I stay out of churches. That statue didn’t fall; it was attacking somebody. Statues are known attackers of those they don’t like.

  4. Yep…the priest will love the friggin loon Ann…lmhao…oink…

    • Might want to keep that one quiet 🙂 I don’t know if there is enough hail Marys 😦

    • The Celtic Queen

      Don’t be crazy Hog I didn’t say I sent “The Loon” are you mad? I googled on Youtube and sent him THAT link. My God, I want to get into heaven LOLOL
      But you know what he’d probably LURV the Loon as he’s a pretty out there kind of priest. .In a good way though lol thought I’d better clear that up. No shinanigans with Fr Edwin.

  5. lol
    why r they using old men lol

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