The Sum Of All Fears

Are you sure?

OK, hands up people if you think he is Ben Affleck’s doppelganger? FBI say Jamal Saeed Abdul Rahim who was on their most wanted terrorist list is dead, but who are they kidding it’s Ben Affleck right? Rahim was wanted for his alleged role in the September 5th, 1986, hijacking of Pan American World Airways Flight 73 in Pakistan. According to reports he is believed to have been blown to smithereens from a CIA led missile strike in Pakistan this week. Hmm, but if you don’t see a new Affleck movie anytime soon … I’m just saying.


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6 responses to “The Sum Of All Fears

  1. He’s still pissed J-lo dumped him, so he became a terrorist. Come to think of it, if she dumped me, I might do the same thing.

  2. Matt Damon must be devastated…

  3. ben looks good with a beard…did he trade with osama?

  4. cmblake6

    TEH FUNNEH™!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Celtic Queen

    Nah his heads too fat!

  6. khawerkhan

    Hahahaha…awesome. Your blog is great.

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