No Joking Matter

Anyone else want to be a smart ass?

Word of warning people, don’t even so much as mention the word “bomb” when flying on Etihad Airways or you too could find yourself in jail. Jean-Louis Lioret a 66 year old Frenchman has been arrested after the flight crew overheard him use the word “bomb” while chatting with another passenger on a flight from Bangkok to Paris. Her’s how it prettty much unfolded….while waiting at Abu Dhabi during a stopover the person sitting next to him asked Lioret is it was possible to place a packet on the empty seat next to him. Jokingly he replied “I hope it’s not a bomb”. Before he could say bippityboppityboo he was taken off the plane and jailed where he still remains. Unfrigginlucky.


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18 responses to “No Joking Matter

  1. cmblake6

    The fact he prefaced with “Ihope it’s not” should have saved his ass. Ridiculous.

  2. Susi Spice

    soooo let me get this straight… he says “i hope its not a bomb” and HE gets taken off the plane… so the unidentified packet AND its proprietor were allowed to remain ON the plane???

    now did they have a problem with the world “bomb” OR with the words “i hope its not”??

    • Well, as long as it wasn’t underwear or shoes, the packet’s A-okay.

    • jjdug

      Full disclosure. I am an acquaintance of the brother of the guy who has been arrested.

      Yes. This is what happened, but the flight attendants did not understand the sentence (obviously).

      The sentence was pronounced in French to a fellow French speaking passenger. The guy is old, with a strong Parisian accent. The word “bombe” would have sounded exactly like the word”Bomb” in English, but stressed. The rest of the sentence (joke) would have been unintelligible to the flight attendants.

      I flew many times to neighboring Dubai with Emirates. The flight attendants are usually from Dubai/Abu Dhabi rather than France, because salaries are lower, and it’s not uncommon to be on a flight with zero French speaking flight attendants. They usually speak English and sometimes Arabic.

      The old man does not speak a single word of English nor Arabic.

      It’s not hard to see how the situation would rapidly go wrong. Flight attendants stressed after a long journey, recent terrorist attacks/threats and maybe do not appreciate the passenger for some other reason. Then they hear the word Bomb. Lack of French speaking passengers able to translate in the immediate neighboring of the old man, mean that there is no way for him to understand what is going on. What if the flight attendants ask him if there is a bomb. Would he understand the question? Can he just say “yes” i just said “bomb”, but you see this is just a pun. Surely that would sound like a confirmation to the flight attendants.

      Last week, flight EK04 from London Heathrow to Dubai was delayed by a day, after the plane was raided by SWAT team. The reason? Drunk Britons made a bomb Hoax.

      At least in Abu Dhabi the detendtion cannot extend 1 week without being able to contact relatives/attorney. In the UK with the “new” anti terrorist laws it can last up to a month.

  3. The Celtic Queen

    I find myself saying those exact same words when I see packages laying around.

  4. Not B Franklin

    Oh come on Susi Spice and cmblake6. This is 2010 and many people have been traumatized, especially when it comes to flying over the last decade so you should be happy that we’ve lost some freedom, even to express ourselves in order to gain some temporary safety…..(Now wasn’t there a sarcasm button invented last week?)

  5. You’ll also want to avoid using the words Bombay, Bombardier, Bombastic, Bomboniere or even the very subtle “aplomb”.

    All are just cause for imprisonment.

  6. Had a friend named Jack I had to pick up at the airport in San Diego. You have no idea how hard it was to resist saying “Hi Jack!”

  7. Hello from Ukraine !

    Interesting post.

    Sad, but, some freedoms are lost now in the West, because the West has been obsessed in granting too many freedoms, to the wrong people !

    But, dont listen me, I’m here in Ukraine, what do I know about freedom 🙂 ? !



    • The Celtic Queen

      Marian Marina Marina, it’s not that the the west is to liberal, it’s about abusing the system. We are all free to do what we want but some people abuse that right As a woman I’d rather live in the western way anyday compared to Arab culture where your life mean absolutely nothing. Oh apart from drudgery and doing exactly what your father, husband and brothers demand that you do. Gees where’s that explosives vest and I’ll blow myself up right now.

  8. The Celtic Queen

    Yep suicide bombers would be ten a penny over here.Lol

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