Pants On The Ground People

This ones for you Sekan….Move over William Hung we have a new legend. Pants On The Ground has become a friggin YouTube phenomenon thanks to some expiry dated American idol audition dude by the name of General Larry Platt. 62 is the new 25.

Just a little recap if you happened to miss it

oh and even Neil Young Fallon got into the act FFS.

and it just keeps coming….

Wait….there’s more


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13 responses to “Pants On The Ground People

  1. Damn, this thing is gaining a life of its own. I sure hope he at least made T-shirts or something. I hope he at least makes a couple bucks off of this!

    I wonder if Favre is back on the Vic’s?

  2. I heard that he’s going to be the new spokesperson for Viagra…

  3. Love it!! And he’s from Atlanta, too!

  4. Loon, you’ve been over at Mill’s blog reading huh?

    Yep. If you wanna have SOUL and be COOL, pull your pants up and read my blog.

    70’s soul, R&B, Rock N’ Roll…..RULE.

    Most newer stuff sucks.

  5. Mr T needza get in on this action!

  6. Susi Spice

    hahah i had missed this post… because of my stupid work.. lol

    but its hilarious.. that last guy has a nice voice but is a bit of a nerd trying to make it a legit song lol


    T-Shirts hey…

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