OMG, It’s Coming From The Browser

Blue screen of death

I don’t want to alarm Internet Explorer users but…GET THE HELL OFF IT NOW!!!! Oh I don’t know, something about a security threat. France and Germany have already aborted the Microsoft browser because of a malicious (yes, malicious) code which was responsible for an attack on Google last week. To make matters worse the attack was planned/planted over a long period of time to minimize detection. When US security agency Certa recommends you use another browser, friggin panic. Oh and despite what Microsoft are saying, Internet Explorer 8 is still technically vulernable.


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5 responses to “OMG, It’s Coming From The Browser

  1. Which is why I use Firefox, and am switching to Ubuntu, a Linux system. Ubuntu is an awesome operating system (and it’s free!). You don’t need to know computer language much to use it. I’ve got it so I can dual-boot into either windows or Ubuntu.

  2. Good thing I am still on IE 6

  3. I made the switch to Firefox after a visit from my Uncle who is beyond computer geek. He came over and wanted to check his email and discovered that I was using IE . The geek world was overjoyed to help me make the switch 🙂

  4. I was running Ubuntu like Jammer for about five years. This summer I switched over to a Mac, but I still miss my Fluxbox and PekWM. (Oooh, that sounds dirty …)

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