Golden Shower

That's gross!

Ewh, a man is facing charges after it was alleged he sprayed fox urine on protesters and a police officer outside a restaurant in Portland. No one is quite sure why he sprayed them as he wasn’t involved in the wage dispute protest but it may have been because he was sick and tired of the commotion near his apartment (which happens to be above the restaurant). Geez, forget the story, I want to know how he got a fox to pee into a container!


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5 responses to “Golden Shower

  1. We must be on the same wavelength. How the hell did he do that? I’ve never heard of a tamed or trained fox.

    And if he has that way with wild animals, why not use skunk urine?

  2. He may live with them……lol

    How would he have collected it…..oh no..i don’t wana think about it

  3. I guess a shotgun was too noisy.

  4. Maybe he meant Megan Fox’s urine. Still, I also want to know how he got it. 😀

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