The Hazards Of Being A Dog Owner

Here's a visual !

A woman who didn’t clean up her dog’s poop got a nasty surprise when a man picked it up for her and then rubbed it in her hair. The woman from Silkeborg in Denmark claims she was walking her dog home after shopping when an elderly man went ballistic, claiming her dog had shat in his garden. Next thing she knows, he’s got her by the hair and rubbing the shit in it. Dog 1, Old dude 1, Smelly dog owner 0.

Psst Mr Mills was unavailable for comment!


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10 responses to “The Hazards Of Being A Dog Owner

  1. Susi Spice

    lol Mr Mills and his antics…

  2. Julie

    That’s assault with a stinky weapon!!

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Good on him. I feel like doing that when dogs shit is left on our naturestrip. At least he had the balls to do it. I bet she’ll clean up next time. Our council stipulate that they put up the plastic bags the least you can do is use them . I mean for the dogs. But you pick it up for the dog. The poo that is. Ok thank God that’s over.

    • Blahahaha fortunately my dog holds it in. I think she gets stage fright!

      • The Celtic Queen

        Lolol Tillie can’t wait to shit on someone else’s place but we have a pooper scooper and clean up after her.
        She never fails and there is no stage fright with her. She couldn’t care less if you watch. Then she does that little scratch thing that dogs do and sends their grass flying everywhere.

  4. It wasn’t me but oh how I wish it had been. Few things tick me off more than some moron having his damned Rottweiler take a crap the size of a loaf of bread on my front lawn and then just wander off assuming that it would be my great privilege to go outside, gaze upon it in admiration and then clean up after them.

    I’m always sorely tempted to follow them home, drop my pants and return the damned favour.

    Any word on how I can contribute a few dollars to the old man’s defence fund?

  5. The Celtic Queen

    Well I think that same dog was on my nature strip last night. Only it’s a big brown loaf of bread.. The thing is I have to clean it as I’m cutting the grass tomorrow as it’s cool thankfully. Yesterday was 37, so we work when it’s cool.

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