How Exciting

OK Loons, I was searching for a news story and came across this photo…..kind of made me forget about what it was all about.

Psst Do you think the journo chose this deliberately?

He had been certainly tugging something!


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19 responses to “How Exciting

  1. The girlie on the right looks happy; does she know what’s coming up behind… oh no…

  2. I think she is hoping they lose so she can fall backwards …oh my 😦

  3. The Celtic Queen

    Is that the friggin string from his trackie daks or what loon? He is gross ! That’s an apology for and erection too by the way.

  4. The Celtic Queen

    It needs tied down lol.

  5. Think he tucked his truncheon down his pants, Ann 😆

    (it’s a police tug of war team)

    P.S. Makes you wonder where the woman in front tucked hers ? 😯

  6. Susi Spice

    the question that beckons in my mind is…
    is he “happy” because of the girl infront of him… or is he “Happy” because he is tugging at a long thick rope…?

  7. From what I see in the picture….

  8. “Don’t … turn … around!”

  9. Thank you! You have just scientifically proven my theory about why most men become cops in the first place.

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