Some People Will Never Learn

Honey, sweetie, darl, a word of advise, you don’t be going out stealing a car on your first day out of prison. Theresa Jones is facing grand theft auto charges after stealing a car to purchase drugs on her first day of freedom. Theresa had just finished serving a two year, eight month sentence when she took a pen pals vehicle to buy beer. She never came back.


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3 responses to “Some People Will Never Learn

  1. Will the pen pal file felony abandonment charges too?

    • I should damn hope so, it takes commitment and dedication to be a penpal these days…damn social media put an end to that good and proper!

      • The Celtic Queen

        I still write to school mates in Scotland but I have to admit half of them are now on Facebook but the Christmas cards and the letter still go each year I think the prodigals are way more interesting than the prodigy so way to go. One of my friends had two boys, bad ass boys and for 20 odd years that’s all I heard. lol. It was great to get their cards. They are both fathers now so let’s hope they get it back tenfold lol

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