Missing Without A Trace

Herman Rockefeller

Calling Miss Marple, Miss Marple to the front desk please. Melbourne police are puzzled by the sudden disappearance of wealthy businessman Herman Rockefeller (no relation to the famous family) who left the Melbourne airport but failed to make it home. Here’s the story so far. Herman and his brother  landed at Melbourne Airport at 9pm on Thursday from a interstate business trip. Footage  can be seen of him walking through the terminal. At around 9.32 surveillance footage showed him paying for his parking ticket by credit card. After leaving the terminal it has been established he didn’t take his regular route home, nor did he turn on his cell phone or make any withdrawals from his bank accounts. Mr Rockefellers wife Vicky was at the Australian Open tennis and had planned to return home at around the same time. Mr Rockefeller never made it home.

UPDATE : Mr Rockefeller’s car has just been located in West Melbourne, police are currently examining it.

2nd UPDATE : A shopkeeper located about 10km from where Mr Rockefeller’s car was discovered said she served him a pie, sausage roll and a drink the following day.


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12 responses to “Missing Without A Trace

  1. Susi Spice

    maybe he got rich by making a pact with the devil and it was time to pay it back. So the devil showed up on his way home and said “rockerfella its you or your first born…” and rockerfella replied “take me, take my car but not my family not my first born pls!”, the devil thought about it for a second and answered “well, I have heard a bit about this Prius, i will take you and the car”… rockerfella queried “can i just say goodbye to my family so they dont worry” and the devil said “ive given you enough, now youre mine” and they disappeared into hell together.

    the end.

  2. The Celtic Queen

    Yeah that’s it Susi cause he sure as hell isn’t hiding out at my place in Melbourne.

  3. Things that make you go Hmmnnn.

  4. Suffering from a rare case of phonetic depression. I mean, come on, Herman Rockefeller!!!!

  5. Julie

    a) He won the lotto, and despite already being wealthy decided he wasn’t going to share it – so has disappeared to enjoy his lotto money with his mistress.
    b) He owed someone a whole heap of money, and … errr … didn’t pay up …..

    OK … so has he re-appeared yet?

  6. griffin

    Don’t pay the ransom honey, I’ve escaped while sh.. er.. they weren’t looking.

  7. Julie

    c) His policies were worth a fortune … wife was at Australian Open ?

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  9. The Celtic Queen

    Loon on the news they said his car was discovered near Daylesford which is 120 Km from North Melbourne . Odd yeah?
    Melbourne news though so that may account for the error.

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