Oh Clumsy Me

Remember Picasso’s $143 million work called The Actor? Hmm, well it just got a little smaller after a woman lost her balance and put a 15cm vertical tear in it. Whoopsie friggin daisy. The art lover was attending an art class at New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art when she tripped right into the masterpiece. Awkward. Hmm, no word on whether she finished her lesson.


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5 responses to “Oh Clumsy Me

  1. Lynn

    **GASP!!** i read about this today and knew you’d be posting about it here. i used to docent at the museum of fine art in st petersburg, florida and can only imagine the horror that fell over the faces of the docents throughout the gallery. i would like to know why the hell they had such a priceless piece of art close enough so someone could fall into it.. damn.

    • The Celtic Queen

      That would be the least of the docent’s worry. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will be worrying about it’s value with a repair job no doubt.
      Not good. When I was at the Louvre there were artists there painting portions of rather large works of art but all behind a rope which was about 6 feet out from the original. This kind of accident just shouldn’t happen.

  2. Julie

    That certainly brings a tear to the eye …

  3. think she needs to trim her nails 🙄

  4. I was shocked and appalled to see that they have the Renault Picasso over here. I think he’d be much more upset by having his name thrown on a piece of shit car than because of the accident. To use the line from your next post; is nothing sacred?

    What’s next… the Pollock ¼ pounder with cheese?

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