My Body IS a Friggin Temple

Remember Mayra Rosales, the 1,000lb woman accused of killing her 2 year old nephew after claiming she accidentally fell him on him while babysitting? Come on surely you do? She’s the one who was too fat to be transported to jail. No? OK, well she has slimmed down to 800lb but is still a tad too obese to get into a courtroom to face trial. Defense lawyers are hoping to solve the logistical nightmare so prosecutors can get on with the case. Good luck with that.
Oh and while we are on the subject, Susi Spice covered another similar story of woe. A 350lb plus Cleveland woman recently pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter after killing her boyfriend by sitting on him. Dear god, it’s a jungle out there.


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12 responses to “My Body IS a Friggin Temple

  1. Susi Spice

    1. Cheers big ears – for the special mention and promotion. luvvvvvvvvv uuuuu 😀

    2. i didnt think it was humanly possible to live with 1000pound weight on your body.

    3. this woman looks similar to the mansquisher.

    4. I wonder if they will use the mental illness as a defence… she is mentally ill causing her to be … fat to put it lightly… which in turn caused her to accidently fall on her nephew and thus not really been responsible for his death…

  2. Julie

    Top Heavy seems to be the new defence 🙄

  3. Julie

    These friggin lawyers have no imagination whatsoever!!

    Her lawyer could have used the defence that her and boyfriend were in a passionate embrace (her being on top of course), and in the heat of the moment she slipped …..

  4. I know of some tribes down in South America where she would last em at least a year.

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